Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND), a video coaching program aimed to strengthen positive interactions between caregivers and children, uses select clips of adults engaging with children to reinforce the kinds of serve and return responses that are the foundation of healthy engagement.
Within the context of FIND, 5 specific elements of serve and return are emphasized:

  1. Sharing the Child’s Focus
  2. Supporting and Encouraging
  3. Naming
  4. Back & Forth Interaction
  5. Endings and Beginnings

FIND was developed by Dr. Phil Fisher and colleagues at the Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC) and OSLC Developments Inc., and its simple and practical approach emphasizes caregivers’ strengths and capabilities. The FIND program has been implemented in both individual and group settings, and in both cases, begins with video recordings of a caregiver and child in their home or natural setting. Film is then carefully edited to show brief clips in which the caregiver is engaged in developmentally supportive interactions with the child, which is then reviewed in detail with the caregivers. This program is special due to its elegant simplicity while avoiding information overload or corrective teaching.