About Family Resource Center of Central Oregon

Family Resource Center (FRC) of Central Oregon has been providing parenting education and support for over twenty-five years. Kids don’t come with instructions and parenting can be messy, however positive parenting can be taught, modeled and encouraged. FRC does all three.

Family Resource Center coordinates the regional Parenting Education Hub – a network of early childhood partners in Crook, Jefferson, and Deschutes Counties. One of 15 Hubs funded by the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative (OPEC) working to increase the quality and availability of parenting education for all families.

Our primary goal is to strengthen and support family relationships through parenting education, information and resources. The need for parenting education continues to grow as our world changes. Technology has opened up the world to our children in ways that past generations would never have imagined, and science tells us that how the brain develops is a critical factor in our children’s lives, both in the very early years and later on during the teen years. Our services provide practical tools and techniques that help families thrive.

FRC provides evidenced-based classes at low cost or no cost with no eligibility requirements, free child care and family meals, and a learning environment where families find confidence and tools to support both their children and themselves. Classes meet once per week for five to twelve weeks and are located throughout Central Oregon in family friendly sites such as early childhood centers, churches, and schools.

 “My child is happier, more positive, does better with school and with friends.”
– Make Parenting A Pleasure class participant

Parents discuss a variety of topics that include positive parenting strategies, and recently Vroom. Basic childhood development and brain science are covered in the evidence based curricula FRC utilizes, and the weekly Vroom brain building tips compliment that material and seamlessly allow class participants to experience Vroom and practice new strategies. “Vroom has transformed the way I interact with my baby,” said one young high-risk father, “I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with me.” Kim Pitts of the Family Resource Center said, “Vroom is changing the conversation around early learning and empowering parents across the nation by reinforcing the critical message that every parent already has what it takes to be a brain-builder. And that is definitely something that Family Resource Center is thrilled to be a part of.”

Vroom Impact Stories from Family Resource Center of Central Oregon

Vroom with High Desert Museum Event Success…

At the conclusion of our Vroom with High Desert Museum event, we were approached by three young boys, ages three, four and five. They had attended the event with Grandma, visiting all of the exhibits that had brain building tips, collecting their letters and unscrambling the fun phrase, and they declared in unison, “BEST NIGHT EVER!” This event not only increased the Grandmother’s knowledge of her role in brain building for her grandsons, but it increased the likelihood that she would engage in brain building activities like this one with them again. Many families attending our event, even existing Vroom users, said they had never thought about using Vroom in this setting before. We believe that our event contributed to a national culture shift that will elevate the importance of a child’s first five years by showing parents and caregivers just one more way that they can incorporate Vroom into their daily lives.

Turning Waiting Time into Brain Building Time…

Meridith writes, “We were in a restaurant waiting for our food and my daughter Emmy was getting antsy, so I grabbed a few of the various sugar packets that were in the table and do the pattern activity. It was great, and I never would have thought of that on my own. I really like using Vroom a few times a week.”

In the community, FRC provides access to the latest parenting research by bringing experts in the field to speak locally. In 2015 bestselling author Tina Payne Bryson spoke in Redmond, followed by bestselling author Ellen Galinski in 2016, and Sarah Enos Watamura, PhD in spring of 2017.