About Parenting Now!

Parenting Now!’s mission is to provide the local and global community of parents and educators the tools and resources to create and sustain healthy, safe environments for children. Our vision is that all children are raised by nurturing, skilled parents. We have served 96,000+ local parents and children. Our evidence and research based curricula and programs are used in more than 220 sites in Oregon, 46 other states, Native American and Native Hawaiian communities, and 18 countries.

How does your organization promote/use brain science with children birth through 5 years of age?

Parenting and the early family environment are the most significant factors effecting a young child’s social and emotional development. Children’s earliest experiences lay the groundwork for lifelong health, learning and well-being. Brain scans show that harsh or unresponsive parenting and a high-stress home life alters the physical development of a young child’s brain. It has a devastating effect on the brain’s structure during the early years, changes difficult to alter in later years. There are long-lasting effects from this damage such as aggression, bullying, failure in school, etc. A report from the Pew Charitable Trust notes: “Services such as parenting education…would help strengthen and preserve families who are experiencing stresses that place their children at risk.”

Can you discuss a specific program/event you do that promotes brain science?

Parenting Now!’s parenting groups make it possible for parents to learn to avoid negative patterns of parenting and to support the healthy physical, social and emotional development of their children. Groups help parents develop skills and tools to understand child development. Parents learn to engage their children in early learning activities that will to ensure the likelihood children enter school ready to learn. Families are taught methods for promoting early literacy. Programs support parents in dealing with the stress of parenthood. There is a concurrent free Children’s Program for children of participants. Experienced childhood educators support children as they explore books, play with developmentally appropriate toys, and engage in art projects.